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Are Your Teeth Suffering?

By now it’s common sense to most people that sugary treats like soda and candy aren’t great for the enamel on teeth. What many people fail to realize is that sugar settling on teeth doesn’t just happen from eating too much candy or drinking too many carbonated drinks. In fact, sugar residing in many popular foods, sauces, and even vitamins can cause harm to your teeth. Today, in part one of this series, our Edmond dentist will be talking about 2 out 4 things that are harmful to your teeth.

(1.) Juices: Yes, you probably already know all about the dangers of sugar content found in concentrated juices found on most grocery store shelves, but have you stopped to think about home-made juices? Juicing is a popular remedy for weight loss or “juice fasting, ” especially during the summer months. Juicing can be great for obtaining vitamins, but beware of the fruits and vegetables that are packed with sugar! They leave grime on your teeth and the grime turns to acid. This causes erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

(2.) Sauces: Barbecue sauce, Pasta sauce, and Teriyaki sauce are all tasty additions to many dishes, but the majority of these bottled sauces have just as much sugar per serving as a candy bar! Nothing will ruin your next cookout or party more than tooth decay. Go easy on the sauce to avoid some serious damage to your teeth and brush your teeth as quickly as possible to avoid leaving the sugary sauce on your teeth for too long.

Don’t forget that in addition to brushing regularly, in depth teeth cleanings can be helpful to keep your smile bright. Our Edmond dentist and dental hygienists are highly skilled at performing professional teeth cleanings. Visiting our Edmond dentist means that you’ll get treated with professional tools which ensures that your tarter build up can be removed to prevent ongoing gum disease.

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To know more, stay tuned for part 2 of this series!

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