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Are Your Teeth Suffering?

Whether it’s sticky, chewy, or hard candy most people know that eating it can be damaging to their teeth. In addition, drinking soda is often the second thing that comes to mind when people think about what may be harmful to the enamel on their teeth. You don’t have to put a spoon full of raw sugar in your mouth to feel the impact from sugar. In fact, sugar is an ingredient inside many things that can cause harm to your teeth. We’ve already discussed 2 harmful things in part one of this series. Today, in part two of this series, our Edmond dentist will be talking about 2 more things that are harmful to your teeth.

(1.) Chewable Vitamins: Whether you decide to choose gummy vitamins or chewable tablets, you should know that they are chock-full of sugar. Sure, it makes it easier to get your kids or maybe even yourself to take vitamins. Is it worth the sugary build-up on your teeth? Unless you’re going to remember to brush your teeth directly afterwards it may be best to avoid these sugar-filled vitamins to avoid cavities.

(2.) White Wine: Most people think that choosing white wine in place of red wine is a safer alternative as it won’t leave stains on their teeth. What they don’t realize is that it leaves sugar behind instead. This then turns to acid and if you leave this high acidity substance on your teeth for too long, you’ll be saying goodbye to your enamel.

Aside from avoiding food and drink items that you love so dearly, brushing regularly can help! Don’t forget about getting teeth cleanings, too! For your brightest smile, our Edmond dentist and dental hygienists are available to provide you with professional teeth cleanings. Visiting our Edmond dentist for teeth cleanings is easy. Keep your smile protected and safe from harm!

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