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There are many types of braces offered in the world of orthodontics. The most commonly known type of braces are the metal ones. The second most popular type of braces have quickly become the clear aligners. Today, our Edmond dentist is going to give you a little comparison between the two. Perhaps, knowing the pros and cons will help you make a decision about which type of braces would be best for you or someone in your family.

Metal Braces

These type of braces consist of metal brackets and wires. They are what the majority of people would picture when they hear the term “braces” being used in regards to correcting imperfections in teeth placement.

Here are some pros to utilizing metal braces:

  • Treatment can be quicker than other options.
  • Modern wires and brackets are much smaller than a handful of years ago.
  • New heat-activated arch-wires use body heat to help teeth move more quickly.
  • Colored bands can be used to express your own individualization.

# 1 Con:

  • Metal braces are very noticeable, have wires subject to poking your mouth, and can be painful.

clear aligners

ClearCorrect© or “clear aligners” are a system that allows the patient to wear clear, plastic aligners over their teeth without metal or wires. The aligners are removable and will be replaced with new ones in a few weeks.

Here are some pros to utilizing clear aligners:

  • Patients can eat or drink whatever they want (with removal or aligners).
  • The aligners are nearly invisible.
  • Gentle pressure allows your teeth to move in a less painful manner.
  • There’s no need to worry about broken brackets or wires.

# 1 Con:

  • Not everyone is a good candidate to wear clear aligners.

Find out if you’re a good candidate!

The best way to find out if ClearCorrect© can be used to treat your orthodontic issues is to have a consultation with our Edmond dentist. This consultation will consist of an examination and a discussion about your goals to achieve a better smile. To get started, give our Edmond dentist a call at 405-330-5458!

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