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Visit Our Edmond Dentist For Tooth Safety

How many times have you seen a parent wrap a string around a wiggly tooth of their child and slam the door shut to pull the tooth out? Most of us have only seen this done on old television shows, but a rare few have tried it at home. The truth is that there is a lot to consider when it comes to performing a safe extraction or “tooth removal”. In fact, if the situation isn’t ideal, you could wind up with an even bigger problem by trying to pull your own tooth out at home. Our Edmond dentist staff is here to explain a little more about that, today.

With children, teeth can become loose more easily as they grow, but when it becomes loose it isn’t always the best time to remove it. A baby tooth could be abscessed and require further attention. If an adult has loose teeth it could be a sign of a severe gum disease. Trying to remove it from home could cause more harm, because there is a chance only pieces of the tooth would come out.

Visiting our Edmond dentist not only offers you a more gentler method of tooth removal or extraction, but it also provides a level of safety. After determining that extraction is the best option, the dentist will work on removing the tooth in question. Saying that we’d be “pulling” a tooth is actually not a valid statement in that our Edmond dentist doesn’t just grab a pair of pliers and yank away.

On the contrary, he will begin by numbing the area so that you, the patient, can feel completely at ease. Next, the dentist will work on loosening the fibers that hold the tooth in the jaw. With wiggling motions or wedging an instrument between the tooth and the bone, the tooth will allow the jaw to “give” a little. Within minutes you can be free from the tooth.

Whether you’re in pain or your child has a tooth that is ready to come out and make way for adult teeth, don’t wait longer than you need to! More importantly, never feel like you have to risk the safety of yourself or your child by trying to extract a tooth on your own! To book an appointment with our Edmond dentist, please call 405-330-5458 or click here.

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