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Do You Have Bad Breath?

Have you brushed your teeth repeatedly only to have bad breath a little while later? When bad breath plagues you it is easy to think that it’s all caused by dental issues, but the truth is there are many things that could be causing your case of Halitosis or bad breath. Perhaps it’s time to examine a few things going on in your life to see if one of them could be causing your ongoing mouth odor problem.

In part one of this series we’ll be listing 3 possible causes of that funky breath:

Lack Of Flossing: Ok, so we said not all issues were dental issues, but it is worth mentioning that brushing your teeth isn’t always enough. You may have some stringy bits stuck between your teeth so it’s important to remember to floss, folks!

Your Medications: Many people are unaware that the medications they take can actually contributed to their bad breath. The reason for this is due to the fact that some medications could be drying out your mouth.

Respiratory Infections: Sinus infections, sore throats, bronchitis, or other upper respiratory infections can cause mucus backup. Then, the mucus coming from your lungs, bronchial tubes, or tonsils can feed the bacteria in your mouth which leads to bad breath.

These are just a few of the causes of bad breath. Sometimes, it may be possible for you to have an issue and not even know it! It would be pretty embarrassing to walk around with smelly breath and not know it! If you’d like to learn about some other possible causes for bad breath, come back to read part two of this series!

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