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Dentist Edmond: The Topic Of Bleeding Gums

Remember the old slogan “a little pink in the sink”? Some people may not be too worried if they see a pink or reddish color in their saliva during or after brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, this is something to be concerned with as bleeding gums can be the sign of something more serious to come. There are many reasons, as well, as to why your gums could be bleeding and today we’re going to cover a few of them.

1.) Smoking: It’s been estimated that half of gum disease is caused by smoking. The toxins in the cigarettes create inflammation in the gums and increase the mouth’s immunity to disease.

2.) Brushing: Did you know that brushing too hard with a firm toothbrush can actually damage the gums? Yes, the tissues can be harmed to the point of bleeding. On the other hand, if you don’t brush your teeth often enough plaque can build up and gums can become swollen.

3.) Stress: If you’re tense or anxious a lot of the time it can cause the vessels in your mouth to become inflamed which will break down the soft tissues of the gums. These damaged tissues can become inflamed or infected.

4.) Medications: Certain illnesses alone (such as Leukemia) can bring on gum disease, but it’s often medications taken for various conditions that may be the culprit of your bleeding gums. Some medications can cause dry mouth which hinders the blood flow to the tissues, making gums more prone to infections.

5.) Genetics: Sometimes, it’s not anything you’ve done at all. Approximately 35% of the population is said to have higher risk of dental disease. You just might be one of those people.

If you suspect that you have a gum disease due to bleeding gums, our dentist in Edmond, OK will be able to tell you for sure. When it comes to your dental care, don’t hesitate to look up “dentist Edmond”. We’ll be here for you. To learn more about why your gums may be bleeding, keep an eye out for the next informative blog post.

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