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Dentist Edmond: The Topic Of Bleeding Gums

You’ve been told to brush your teeth your entire life, but there is more to the story if you have bleeding gums. You may be brushing your teeth, but is there something else you’re doing to override that or perhaps you have something else going on? In part one of this series, our dentist in Edmond, OK listed 5 reasons why your gums may be bleeding. There are many other reasons, as well, and today we’re going to cover a few more of them.

1.) Diet: Attempting to “watch your weight” is not what we mean by diet, here. Of course, it does help, not only your body, but also your teeth and gums if you eat healthier. If you’re eating too many sugary foods, sticky, or hard foods it can take a toll on your gums.

2.) Flossing: There is a wrong way to floss. Just as brushing too hard with a firm toothbrush can damage the gums, so can flossing too hard! Snapping the floss straight down onto the gums can cause damage. Also, utilizing the same string from tooth to tooth just spread bacteria from one area to the next, so either break off multiple pieces or wind a large strand around your fingers, moving to a new section as you go.

3.) Pregnancy: About half of moms-to-be have swollen, red, tender gums that bleed when flossed or brushed. This is generally caused by the overflow of hormones. Don’t stop practicing good oral hygiene, regardless!

4.) Spreadable: A lot of illnesses are contagious and unfortunately, gum disease can be transferred from one person to another via saliva. The first thing that probably comes to mind is kissing someone else, but it can also be transferred from sharing eating utensils, drinks, or toothbrushes.

5.) Bite: Sometimes, misalignment of the teeth can cause people to grind or clench their teeth together. The misaligned bite can sometimes cause gums to deteriorate making it easier for gum disease to move in.

If you suspect that you have a gum disease due to bleeding gums, our dentist in Edmond, OK will be able to tell you for sure. When it comes to your dental care, don’t hesitate to look up “dentist Edmond”. We’ll be here for you.

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