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Have you ever heard the term “dental sealant” and wondered what in the world the dentist was talking about? Today, our dentist in Edmond aims to answer your questions on this subject!

What Are Dental Sealants?

Our dentist in Edmond uses dental sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of a patient’s back teeth from decay, or cavities. The sealants themselves are a small plastic coating that covers the surface, creating a barrier between the tooth surface and the mouth. The need for sealants comes from the fact that our teeth have small pits and grooves covering the chewing surface. As this surface is uneven, food and germs can make their home there and it can be out of reach for our toothbrush bristles. The sealant itself fills in these small spaces making it impossible for the food and germs to get stuck in the first place.

Who Needs Them And Why?

It is important for children to have sealants put on their permanent molars, this should be done as soon as the teeth come in before any kind of cavities in the teeth can form. Our dentist in Edmond recommends combining sealants, daily brushing, flossing, fluoride, and regular dental check-ups so that you come away with one of the best defenses for tooth decay.

Which Teeth Need Sealants?

At the age six, a child’s first set of molars come in, followed later at age 12 by the second set of molars. It’s best to get a child’s teeth sealed as soon as they come it. Making sure it’s done quickly will ensure that the teeth don’t have time to decay and form cavities.

How Long Will Sealants Last?

You’ll want to have your dentist check the sealants every time you come in for a checkup, but on average sealants will last between 5 to 10 years. If the sealants fall off, they can be easily reapplied by our dentist in Edmond!

Does your child need their teeth to be protected against cavities? If so, please consider making an appointment with our Edmond dentist for an examination, cleaning, and if necessary, dental sealants! You can reach the office of Philip Gray DDS at 405-330-5458.

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