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 Dentures are an acrylic base with plastic teeth, and they are the most affordable option for replacing multiple teeth. There are two different types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are a full set of teeth on the top and the bottom, while partial dentures replace only a few teeth and attach to the patient’s healthy teeth. 

While the stereotype is that dentures are for older people, dentures can be for anyone. We see patients who are young, old, male, and female who have needed dentures for various reasons. 

Why would someone need dentures? 

Some people have broken teeth or have severe gum disease and are not able to chew well, which causes them to be in a lot of pain. Some people are embarrassed by the looks of their teeth and dentures are an effective way to improve the look of their teeth. Other people are missing their teeth and need dentures for both function and appearance. 

What is the process for getting dentures? 

Initially, a patient schedules an evaluation to make sure they are a good candidate for dentures. We evaluate the inside of their mouth and what their jawbone looks like. We check how much bone they have to help support the dentures and if they have an overgrowth of bone that may require a procedure. 

Before we can start making the dentures, we see if they have certain teeth that need to be removed and check for any infection in the mouth. If they need any treatment prior to dentures, we can schedule that treatment. We want to make sure the patient is healthy and ready to wear their dentures. 

After the evaluation is complete, we make impressions of the patient’s jaw and create a model of the jaw to make the dentures and ensure they fit as accurately as possible. 

How long does it take to get dentures? 

The process takes a couple of weeks. We take everything step by step and make sure everything is perfectly accurate. We make sure we have the teeth set exactly where we want them and the bite exactly where we want it, which takes about three or four appointments for most patients.

In some cases, we can do what’s called an immediate denture, where we make impressions of the bad teeth before scheduling the extraction. Then when the patient comes in to get those teeth extracted, we have the dentures ready the same day. That process still takes a couple of appointments and some time though.

How long do dentures last? 

Dentures are plastic, so they wear down over time. How quickly they wear out depends on the patient and how hard they are on their dentures. Some people have the same set of dentures for years and they’re perfectly fine, while others may need to be replaced more frequently.

Are dentures able to withstand more than they used to? 

That all depends on the amount of bone the patient has in their jaw. If a patient is missing teeth, they will lose more and more bone over time because the bone doesn’t have a job to do without any teeth. So as you get older, dentures may not fit as well. They’re not as stable because there’s not as much bone to hold onto. 

How much do dentures cost? 

The cost is going to vary depending on what the patient needs prior to having the dentures made. Our dentures cost around $1500 each, but that doesn’t include any prior procedures that may have to be done. Patients can typically use their dental insurance to help pay for dentures and other procedures that may be required as part of the process. 

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