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 For people with dentures, it’s important to know and follow the proper steps for caring for dentures. If they’re not cared for properly or you don’t have the necessary tools to clean them, it can lead to problems down the road. Dentures also fit better and last longer when properly cared for.

Cleaning your dentures

Dentures should be cleaned every day, as plaque can form on dentures just as it does on natural teeth. They should also be cleaned to help remove any food particles.

You can brush your dentures similar to how you brush your teeth, however, there are a couple of differences that are worth noting. Instead of using regular toothpaste, it’s best to use clean, warm water or a denture cleanser. It is also important that you use a soft bristle denture brush that is specifically made for cleaning dentures. 

All surfaces should be cleaned gently. If you brush too hard, it can cause damage to plastic or metal parts of the denture. You should also clean your dentures over a sink filled with water so you don’t cause any damage if you drop them.

Just like brushing your dentures should be a part of your daily cleaning routine, rinsing your dentures with water after every meal should be as well. Before reinserting your dentures, brush your natural teeth, gums, and tongue with a fluoride toothpaste. This will not only help remove plaque, but will also help stimulate circulation in your mouth. 

Visiting the dentist when you have dentures

You should still visit the dentist on a regular basis to evaluate how your bones and gums are holding up with the dentures. Every so often, a realignment may be necessary to refit the dentures in your mouth. 

Over time the bone and gums can recede, which can cause a gap in between the gum and the dentures that causes them to not fit correctly in your mouth. When visiting the dentist, the hygienists can also clean your dentures using an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Storing dentures at night

You should always take your dentures out at night. If they’re left in overnight, they can cause inflammation and redness to your gums. A fungal infection can also occur, which then requires medication to treat the infection.

The best way to store your dentures overnight is in a cup of cool water. If left in a dry environment, dentures can dry out and crack or warp, which can cause them to not fit well. 

You can also use a denture cleaning solution in place of water, but if your dentures have metal attachments, storing them in a cleaning solution can cause the metal to tarnish.

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