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 When it comes to going to the dentist, a lot of people are more scared of the cure than the disease.

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist. And even people who don’t have a dental phobia as such still don’t tend to look forward to the experience, especially when it comes to invasive procedures like dental implants.

What dental implants are

If you’ve been thinking about getting implants, here’s what you need to know.

They’re the closest thing you can get to natural teeth, sliding into the old spot and replacing a missing tooth. They’re very secure and one of the best options available for a long-term replacement.

When you get an implant, the base is an artificial tooth root similar in shape to a screw. They go into your jaw and bond to the jawbone just like your natural teeth do—the jawbone holds them in place. Once the root is in, an artificial tooth called a crown is attached to it via a small connector called an abutment.

If you have a trained and experienced dental implant dentist, it’s one of the safest and most predictable procedures you can have done.

Dental implant pain

Any invasive dental procedure will have some amount of pain. Dental implants are no different. But the pain is minimal. Most patients report a pain level much lower than similar procedures—particularly tooth extractions.

Natural teeth have nerves in them, which can cause pain when they’re disturbed. Not so with implants, which have no nerves. Once they’re in, you don’t have to worry about pain. You’ll probably have a day or two of discomfort just like you would with any dental procedure, but after that you’ll be right back to normal—even better than normal, in fact, with your new teeth.

Dental implants are safe, reliable, tough and don’t require a very painful procedure. If you’re thinking of getting a tooth replacement, you should definitely consider an implant. Call our practice today to schedule an appointment and we’ll help you build a brighter smile.

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