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 It happens to most people sooner or later.

You’re playing a company softball game, or riding a bike, or even just slip around the house. Crack! You’ve chipped a tooth.

You don’t necessarily have to live with it, though.

Dentists have several ways of repairing chipped teeth, and depending on how bad the chip is the procedure may not even need to be very invasive. If you’ve chipped a tooth, here are the options you have at your disposal.


Bonding or filling is the use of a resin to fill in or cover over areas on a tooth. The resin is essentially glued to the remaining tooth material, making it easier to deal with than other procedures like crowns.

When you go in for a bonding procedure, it can take up to an hour, but it’s not hard to do. The dentist will roughen the areas of the tooth that will be bonded to, then apply a compound to secure the resin. The resin is then placed and shaped, hardened, then shaped some more.

Resin is color-matched based on your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place. It’s very durable, too, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out too fast. It is less durable than regular tooth enamel, though, so be careful, especially if you’re in the habit of chewing on pens or biting your nails.


A crown or veneer is a cap that’s placed over a tooth to protect it in cases where the tooth has been weakened or needs cosmetic help. In the case of a severely chipped tooth, it may not be possible to use bonding to fix the chip. It may take a crown.

This procedure is a little more invasive than bonding and needs a little more time. To place a crown, the dentist will first prepare the tooth. This involves removing material around the outside, as well as any decay, and may involve building up the tooth to provide a solid foundation for the crown. After this is concluded, an impression of the tooth is made, either by scanning or with a mold. A temporary crown may be used while the permanent crown is being made. Finally, the permanent crown is placed and glued.

Either way, a chipped tooth isn’t much of an issue for a good dentist. If you cracked your smile, we can help. Schedule an appointment today and see how we can help you get back the smile you had before.

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