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 You don’t really think about your teeth most of the time. They’re just there, taking care of their job when you eat, but they’re not something you really pay attention to. If you’ve reached the point where you need dentures, though, you might be worried about what that means. Will they hurt or pinch. Will they be comfortable? Will they stay in?

Fortunately, modern dentures are designed to be just as unobtrusive as your natural teeth. Here’s what you need to know about denture comfort.

The beginning

When you first get dentures, your dentist will take an impression of your gums so he can make them properly. That impression will be used to create the set of dentures that you’ll wear for the long term. Though it’s perfectly shaped to your mouth, it will definitely take a little while to get used to. Just like braces or any other foreign object in your mouth, it’s going to feel weird for a little while. It may take a little while to learn how to speak or eat naturally with them, and there may be a little discomfort early on. But it shouldn’t last.

Be patient, and work through any minor soreness you get at the very beginning. You may need to visit the dentist to get a little bit of readjustment early on, and you may have to wear them for less time than you will later on.

Your dentures should fit naturally, but if you have any ongoing soreness or discomfort it may be a sign that the fit needs to be adjusted. Your cheeks may get a little sore due to having to do more work during eating, and your gums may be a little sore from the pressing of the dentures—but by the time you get through the first few weeks you should be back to normal.

Ongoing maintenance

With a lot of dentures, the upper denture is very comfortable and has good suction. The lower denture is more likely to cause you trouble. The jawbone is smaller, and the tongue may interfere. It may be harder to keep it in place, especially when eating.

Don’t miss any appointments with your dentist, as these are necessary to adjust your dentures as time goes on. You’ll need them refitted periodically as your mouth shape changes. If you’re really having trouble keeping them in place, implants may be a good option.

Dentures that are maintained with a good level of fit should be both comfortable and retentive. If you’re looking for dentures, come give us a visit and find out what we can do for you. We’ll help you get your smile back.

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