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 When you’ve moved on past your regular teeth, denture fit becomes absolutely imperative. Keeping them in place allows you to live a regular life and not worry about losing your teeth at an inopportune moment. But if you’re starting to deal with some fit issues, you might be wondering: just how do my dentures stay in place?

A well-fitted denture

When your dentist creates a set of dentures, they take an impression of your gums to create the right structure for the false teeth. This structure is designed to have a tight tolerance that grips your gums with friction and suction. A light layer of saliva usually provides enough suction to keep them down.

But what if it doesn’t?

Over time a denture wearer’s jaw’s shape changes. With the pressure on the gum ridge, a denture that fits perfectly will eventually not fit at all. This can make it hard to keep them in place.

The best solution for this is a periodic refit—and your dentist will recommend this to you when you first get the dentures.

Other fit solutions

There are many dental adhesives designed to hold a set of dentures in place if you’re really having issues keeping them on. Denture glues like Fixodent and Poligrip can provide you with the extra bit of hold you need.

These adhesives come in several different forms. Some come in strips, while others are pastes or powders. They’re applied to clean dentures before they’re inserted in the mouth and allow them to stick a little better than saliva by itself.

Dentures stuck in place with adhesive may take a little more effort to get out, but it’s not a huge difference. They do need to be very thoroughly cleaned to make sure all the residue is removed between wearings, though.

If you’re having severe denture trouble the best solution is dental implants. These replacements for natural teeth stay in place permanently unlike dentures, and they’re fixed in place with an artificial tooth root. If you’re having trouble with your dentures and want to explore dental implants instead they can be a great option.

Even if your dentures are working fine implants are the superior option. Implants are the closest thing you’ll have to getting your natural teeth back. Dentures can come close, but they come with their own set of challenges.

No matter what solution you choose, our practice is here to help you live a happy, healthy life. We want to help you smile confidently. Come see us for dentures, implants or any other dental needs you have.

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