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 Dental implants are a fantastic solution for missing teeth. They bond to the jawbone, stimulating bone structure instead of letting it erode away. They’re strong, lasting for years and sometimes for the rest of the user’s life. And they look natural and don’t need any special care.

But for many people, cost is the factor that makes them shrink back. I can’t afford implants, they say. Dentures are the best I can get.

But is that true?

The denture difference

Implants are the better option in most scenarios, but they definitely cost more, and many insurance companies consider them a cosmetic procedure instead of an essential one. That means less financial help.

A full set of dentures will run you around $3,000. But a single implant with a tooth will run $4,000 by itself, and it’s less likely that insurance will cover part of the cost. For single teeth or a tooth here and there an implant may be worth it but it’s hard to justify for a full mouth.

The average healthy human mouth has 28 teeth (not counting wisdom teeth, which are often removed). You can do the math. A full replacement is prohibitively expensive for most people.

Dentures are the more cost-effective alternative, although over the long term you’ll have to replace them several times. The shape of mouth and jaw changes over time with dentures, and to keep the fit correct it requires regular visits for new sets. Implants are a set and forget option—once they’re in, they’re in. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance or any special cleaning.

Cost-effective alternatives to implants

Aside from just getting dentures, what are some cost-effective options that still have some of the benefits?

One of the best ways to take advantage of dental implants is to attach a denture. A lower denture can be attached to two to four implants, while an upper denture can be attached to four. These anchor points provide a firmer fit and keep the denture snug to the jaw.

These implants are expensive, but not nearly as expensive as regular implants with teeth. They may be a good way to bridge the gap between the convenience of implants and the cost effectiveness of dentures.

Implants are expensive but superior, while dentures are the cheaper tried and true option. Your choice may come down to simple economics. Either way, our dentistry can help. Schedule a visit today and we’ll make sure you leave with a better smile than the one you walked in with.

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