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 A dental crown is a modern marvel of dentistry.

Replacement teeth are nothing new. There’s evidence of gold prosthetics dating all the way back to the Etruscans. But the level of durability and quality we have now isn’t even close to what the ancients had.

Dental crowns of today are almost indistinguishable from regular teeth. The color matching is extremely close, and with the changes in material and anchoring we can make crowns approaching the durability of your natural teeth.

We can make crowns that mirror the shape of teeth that already exist, stick them to the tooth stub more effectively and keep the color close. And with the right care, crowns last for a long time.

Crown care to last a lifetime

Most crowns will last for a good fifteen years without a problem. But with the right care, they can last far longer than that. If you stay on top of your dental hygiene they can actually last a lifetime.

Modern crown materials are designed to strike a balance between durability and appearance. Porcelain materials are not quite as durable as metal crowns, but they’re far better looking. There are a few things you can do to keep them properly maintained.

Regular visits to our office will keep them from changing color at a different rate to the rest of your teeth. Your natural enamel and the porcelain will not absorb things at the same rate, so if you smoke or drink coffee or wine or do some of the other things that can stain teeth, you’ll see a slight difference.

Cleanings will mitigate this because all your teeth should stay the same color. With regular visits you can make sure that the crown is still holding strong to the tooth stub as well. We’l make sure that you don’t have a problem that could make you lose your crown.

You should also do everything you can on your own to take care of your dental hygiene. Avoid biting your fingernails and chewing on extremely hard objects like ice or hard candies. This will help you keep your crown safe from breakage.

Take care of your crowns

Crowns are a great solution for broken, chipped or removed teeth. With the proper care they can last you for years, perhaps even a lifetime. Come visit us at Philip Gray Dentistry and we’ll help you with all your dental needs.

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