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 Your teeth can get expensive fast if you don’t take care of them and end up needing a lot of work done. Though many Americans have insurance coverage, not everyone is sure whether or not their procedures are covered.

One of the most frequent questions people have about dental crowns is money-related, namely: will my insurance cover my crown?

Of course, everyone’s coverage is different. Let’s take a look at what we often see in our office.

What insurance does and does not cover

Though most Americans have dental insurance, many of those plans have a yearly limit over which the customer pays the rest out of pocket. Depending on where that limit sits, one big procedure could tap it out. As a result, some insurance plans will partially cover crowns, and some other plans may cover them fully.

You also need to check whether your plan has any timing issues on what it covers. Some have mandatory time limits between similar procedures, like multiple procedures on the same tooth.

How often will dental insurance pay for crowns?

It’s not guaranteed, but usually a safe bet that an insurance plan will cover 50 percent on crowns. Of course, you should talk to your own provider and find out what the ins and outs of your plan are.

Make sure you know what your own insurance plan will and won’t cover before you have your procedure!

The remainder

Once you’ve determined what insurance will and won’t pay, you have to figure out how to pay the rest. Our office—and most others—will accept credit card, check, and cash for payment. We also accept CareCredit, which is an interest-free credit card used for health payments.

Dental crowns are a great solution for getting your smile back to what it’s supposed to be, and we want to help you with that if at all possible. Contact us today if you need a crown. With a good understanding of your insurance policy’s details and our dedicated staff, you’re in good hands.

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