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Dentures aren’t always the most comfortable thing to wear. You might be wondering if you can find a better option. That’s where flexible dentures come in.

Flexible dentures aren’t available for the whole mouth, but if you only have a partial denture they’re an option. They’re made of different material than most dentures and offer some benefits you can’t get from metal or hard resin. 

The basics of flexible dentures

Most dentures are made from metal or a hard resin. This has both benefits and drawbacks. Traditional dentures are durable and don’t need a ton of care. They have a strong base that holds its shape. But they take some getting used to, as they often have to be held in place with the cheeks and tongue. They often require adhesive to make sure they stay in place. And hard dentures are brittle. If they’re dropped or smacked hard enough they’ll shatter and become unusable. Metal dentures are more durable but less comfortable.

If you only have a partial denture, you can use a flexible nylon one instead. This has several advantages. They don’t take as long as regular dentures to manufacture. If you drop them you don’t have to worry about them shattering.

Flexible dentures tend to hold to the gum better than regular dentures, and often don’t need adhesive or other measures that are used to hold on traditional styles. They’re also the best option for people that are allergic to the materials in traditional dentures. Others might have difficulty opening their mouth enough to insert a regular denture. Flexible dentures may be the only option.

Disadvantages of flexible dentures

Flexible dentures are more likely to hold bacteria that can cause infection or irritation. They require a little extra care. Constant brushing, mouthwash and other care is needed to make sure they don’t get dangerous buildups.

You can’t get them for the whole mouth and they’re not as durable as regular dentures. But if you’re just getting a partial denture you might opt for a flexible one. If you’re looking for a set of dentures or any other dental care, reach out to our practice today. We’ll help you make your smile radiant again.

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