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Dentures should not be worn 24 hours per day because your gums need a chance to breathe. As a result of that, most denture wearers remove their dentures while they sleep. The dentures need to be stored somewhere so they do not dry out. Dentures should be stored at night to ensure your false teeth are properly cared for.

Store dentures in a cup of water overnight

We recommend storing dentures in a cup of plain tap water overnight. You might clean the dentures with nonabrasive brush and denture cleanser before soaking them in water. Fill your cup with water, and leave your dentures in overnight. Be sure to change out the water every day, and make this part of your nightly routine.

Note: Soaking isn’t just for night time. If you are going to keep your dentures out most of the day, be sure to keep them in a cup of water.

Denture cleaning tablets make cleaning simple

Follow the soaking recommendations for your denture cleaning tablet. Do not soak your dentures in cleaner overnight. There are some denture cleaners that are made for overnight use, but we typically do not recommend them. A standard cleaning tablet is usually sufficient, followed by an overnight soak in plain water.

What happens if dentures dry out?

There are several problems that can come from not soaking your dentures. If dentures dry out, they can become painful to wear. The pores in the dentures need to remain moist to keep the dentures pliable. Dry dentures may become brittle, making them more susceptible to damage. If you accidentally drop your dentures in the sink, they might break rather than bouncing back.

What to do if your dentures have dried out

If you’ve only had your dentures out for a couple hours, simply put them back in your mouth. Your saliva will rehydrate them. However, if your dentures have been out for an extended time, you will need to soak them in water for a full 24 hours to rehydrate them. If your dentures are dried and damaged beyond repair, you will unfortunately need a replacement set.

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