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Dental crowns are snug “caps” that are placed over your tooth due to damaged teeth. The damaged tooth gets reshaped to fit the dental crown, which completely covers your tooth. Dental crowns can be made of different types of materials, such as ceramic. 

Dental crown preparation

During crown preparation, you’ll have the tooth examined. This starts with X-rays of the tooth and surrounding bone. The top and sides of the tooth will be reshaped so the dental crown fits properly. 

Your dentist will use a digital scanner to accurately make an impression of the reshaped tooth. Once the dental crown is made, it’s time for it to be permanently placed. Your dentist will have made a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth up to the procedure. 

Dental crown discomfort

People are afraid of the dentist because they worry it will hurt and there might be problems afterward. However, dental crowns are a straightforward procedure, and a high-quality dental crown should not be noticeable in your mouth. 

We use a CADCAM system called CEREC that allows us to scan your teeth with a 3D scanner. Then we use software to design your new tooth. The scanner is so accurate that the crowns fit perfectly.  

Dental crowns are designed to last a long time, but it also depends on the amount of “wear and tear” it was exposed to, as well as hygiene habits. Take care of the dental crown like you would your teeth, and they should last without any issue. The procedure itself is harmless, and you should not experience much discomfort or the crown at all. Take care of the dental crown like you would your teeth.

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