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Dental crowns are a fairly simple, painless procedure. Once your dental crown is on, you’re ready to go! You shouldn’t be able to tell a difference, even when eating. However, it’s important to take proper care of your dental crown to ensure it lasts as long as a lifetime.

Dental crown maintenance

Just like your other teeth, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential in your overall dental health. A huge benefit of dental crowns is durability, and they should last for several years, if not longer. The key toward proper maintenance is preventative care to prevent any damage from occurring.

  • Avoid very sticky and hard foods, specifically candy
  • Brush and floss to keep the tooth healthy along with your other teeth
  • Use a night guard if you’re known for grinding your teeth
  • Visit the dentist regularly

Essentially, treat your dental crown just like the rest of your teeth!

Dental crown problems

Unfortunately, potential issues with your dental crown don’t end with treatment. Rarely do these issues occur, but they can because life happens! If you are in sports, take a hard fall, eat foods that aren’t good for your teeth, or something else happens that chips or detaches your crown, don’t panic. 

Repairing a dental crown is possible, but it ultimately depends on what happened to the crown. 

Repairing dental crowns

If your dental crown needs attention, your dentist can help. As mentioned, the possibility of repairing the original dental crown depends on the situation. In some cases, we can patch crowns with filling material, but generally speaking, damaged crowns usually have to be replaced rather than repaired.

To prevent any damage to your dental crown, be sure to take necessary precautions and provide the proper care your teeth need. If it does become damaged, it can be fixed. Whether or not it can be repaired or requires a full replacement depends on what caused the damage and how bad the damage is. 

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