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Dentures are used as a replacement for teeth and can easily be removed and put back in. Today, dentures look more like natural teeth, so people can’t tell someone has them unless they remove them. The two types of dentures are partial and full, and your dentist will help determine what’s best for you.

How do dentures work?

Dentures are custom-made by using impressions to fit your mouth and over your gums. Dentures can take some time to get used to. But after a few weeks, they should feel more comfortable.

Over a long period of time and as you age, your mouth naturally changes its shape, and your dentures can become loose, uncomfortable, or even irritating. This is normal, and it just means you may have to have your dentures relined, remade, or rebased. 

You also want to make sure that you take proper care of your dentures to extend their longevity. Essentially, you should treat them like you would your real teeth.

Signs that you may need dentures

Many people have dentures, and sometimes they’re inevitable. However, if you take proper care and are responsible with your oral health, you may never need dentures. A few warning signs that you may need dentures in the future are:

  • Not routinely visiting your dentist
  • Your gums are often red, swollen, and/or bleeding
  • You already have missing teeth
  • You’re having trouble chewing and eating
  • You have frequent toothaches
  • You have a gum disease

Dentures are a good option when teeth and gums have reached a point of disease that restoring them would require significant expense and time and would have a poor chance of succeeding. Dentures with dental implants are the best option for achieving a similar level of function if you end up losing all of your teeth.

If you are considering or planning on getting dentures, talk to your dentist. It’s a big change that will take some getting used to, but as long as you take proper care of them and routinely visit your dentist, the longevity of your dentures should last a long time. They are an excellent option for people wanting a natural-looking option for replacing their original teeth.

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