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Dental cleanings are regular, bi-annual checkups with your local dentist. While dental cleanings may seem mundane or dull at first, they come with a vast history of benefits and results. At Philip M. Gray DDS, we pride ourselves on high-quality dental cleaning in Edmond, OK. With the most advanced technology in the hands of qualified experts, it’s easy to see why we hold an impeccable reputation. 

What is Dental Cleaning? 

Dental cleanings are a preventive procedure to keep your teeth in optimal condition. In each session, we aim to remove all the plaque and tartar built up over the last few months. While plaque is a soft, sticky film infested with bacteria that build up around teeth, tartar consists of hard calcium deposits built over time. 

While brushing your teeth at home is incredibly beneficial, it can’t remove tartar or plaque. Left uncleaned, they decay and weaken the teeth. At Philip M. Gray DDS, we also use X-rays and other tools to identify cavities, infections, or inflammation in the teeth or gums. 

What are the Steps of Dental Cleaning?

In general, there are seven steps to each dental cleaning. While they may vary according to the individual, the essence is the same:

  1. Physical Examination. Our dental hygienists will examine the entire mouth with a mirror. We look at your gums and teeth for dark spots, inflammation, and other areas of concern. 
  2. Digital X-rays. We use an X-ray to examine the inside of your teeth. Potential concerns include gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay, infection, and bone loss. 
  3. Remove Tartar and Plaque. Using a scalar and a mirror, our dental hygienist will scrape off tartar and plaque from tooth surfaces. 
  4. Polishing. Once your teeth are plaque and tartar free, we polish your teeth. You can choose a flavor of gritty toothpaste, which we’ll use to give your smile a vibrant boost.
  5. Expert Flossing. For those who don’t floss, this is a game-changer! Flossing will remove oral bacteria, clean the area around the tooth, and prevent cavities.
  6. Fluoride. We use fluoride to strengthen your teeth and protect them against decay. 
  7. Final Examination. Dr. Philip M. Gray will review your dental information for the last step. He’ll look through your digital X-rays, previous reports, and new areas of concern. Once we give you the thumbs up, you’re good to go!

What are the Benefits of Dental Cleaning? 

Dental cleaning comes with a vast array of beneficial results:

  • Identify Problems Early. We use X-rays and advanced equipment to take a peek inside your teeth. Got a cavity or infection? We’ll spot them and plan a practical course of action. Not all infections cause noticeable pain, so many people don’t realize they have one. This preventive care allows us to fix problems before they worsen. 
  • Whiter Teeth! It’s true. We use fluoride to wash, clean, and whiten your teeth. Not only will your smile be healthier, but it’ll also be brighter.
  • Boost Oral Health. Nobody cleans teeth better than a dentist! Dental cleaning is a tooth’s equivalent to a spa day. Each tooth is gently inspected, washed, and polished to perfection. 
  • Better Breath. Your breath will smell noticeably better once we clean and freshen up your mouth. We remove hard-to-remove plaque and floss diligently between the teeth. Go above and beyond, and make a fresh impression on everyone you meet. 

Dental Cleaning in Edmond, OK

Dental cleanings are a great way to check up on your teeth. After all, Dr. Philip M. Gray and our dental experts have your best interests at heart! We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure you have the most effective, comfortable time possible.

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